General Surgery

General Surgery

The General Surgery is a surgical specialty which concentrates on abdominal content involving colon, small bowel, stomach, gallbladder, esophagus, bile ducts as well as frequently thyroid gland. The surgeon practice commonly surgery is extremely talented doctors who usually function on the standard abdominal situation involving gallbladder surgeries, hernias, intestinal problems, and appendicitis. Our usually surgery department consist of emergency provision, day case as well as inpatient theater. While you have to have surgery at our hospital, then you can rest assured where you are not only in state of the art surgical services, along with cutting edge latest technology. However, you are also providing hands of our expert nurse, doctors, and technicians. Our general surgeon / hospital in goregaon group of board-certified general surgeons offer comprehensive general surgical care to our community, by utilizing most advanced surgical as well as a simply all-encompassing process.

Our General surgery is a surgical subspecialty which concentrates predominantly on abdominal contents which are explained below. The surgery covers disease includes skin, soft tissues and also hernias. General surgeons are surgical experts those who care for patients requiring surgery on the abdomen, soft tissues, skin or else endocrine system that consist stomach, esophagus, liver, gallbladder, colon, rectal surgery minimally invasive gastrointestinal surgery, trauma, critical surgical care, emergency general surgery, and also bariatric surgery.  We are also identified nationally for excellent clinical care, creation and also research. Our patient obtains an extremely functional assessment, newest treatments, involving clinical trials for a new medication, emerging surgical method, and also a coordinate follow-up of their care.

General Surgery services

The general surgery offers evaluation and also a treatment of the entire array of complex general surgery issues, frequently functioning in conjunction along with colleagues in some other specialties. Collaboration along with referring physicians is emphasized as necessary to optimal patient management. Our general surgery hospital / hospital in Mumbai physician specializes in the below following region.

• Surgical management of hepatobiliary and also pancreatic disease, involving gallbladder disease, portal hypertension, cancer, infections, appendicitis, peptic ulcer disease, stomach cancer, small intestine cancer as well as cystic disease.

• Laparoscopic surgery, involving cholecystectomy, antireflux surgery, digestive disease surgery, splenectomy, surgery for achalasia, lymph node biopsy and some other additional

• Comprehensive breast cancer program, we provide advance information on the breast health, cancer research as well as treatment choices from an exclusive, multidisciplinary program.

• Endoscopic evaluation & surgical treatment of upper gastrointestinal as well as small bowel disorders, involving ulcers, GI bleeding, and ERCP much more.

The Trust offers a wide array of general and also complicated surgery for our local community and also for cancer network within the mumbai. We have committed consultants those who frequently treat specialist situation and also in several cases, take on routine inpatient as well as day case general surgery process, for instance, hernia repair. Our general surgery department offers an entire array of elective as well as emergency services for the patient. The surgery for a common surgical situation like skin lesions, hernias of a whole kind & gallstone disease is offered around the trust. Several numbers of these conditions can be treated through the laparoscopic surgery.

We have importantly decreased our lengths of stay for surgical admission and also improving the amount of process done as day cases, partly via our enlargement of laparoscopic surgery method. The trust has outstanding ICU and also HDU services to support patients experiencing main surgery. Patients also advantage from the broad array of onsite specialties, respiratory medicine essential for patients along with several requirements. We are presently accomplishing a pelvic floor services for the patients bothering from incontinence, rectal or else gynecological prolapsed or else defecatory difficulty. It is facilitated by a multi-disciplinary group of surgeons, radiologists, physiotherapists and a nurse specialist.